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Our Service

Express Document & Parcel Service

Our reliable and quick desk to desk service for urgent documents and parcel to thousand of international destinations throuh the Global Air Express Network

Super Box Service

With our Super Box Service, you can ship heavier shipment at economical rates and still enjoy an efficient fast service. Super boxes come in 10kg and 25 kg sizes.

Express Freight Service

When cost of paramount importance, use our Express Freight Service. Your airfreight shipment will be handled with care .

Diplomat Service

When a schedule is tight and time is critical our highly trained couriers are ready to fly your shipments anywhere anytime worldwide.

Mailing Service

The service for the bulk mailing of your letters, magazines flyer, invoices etc. Global Air Express Mail Service gets them across the world efficiently with cost savings to you.

Domestic Service

Something to send down the street, across town, statewide or countrywide? Use our Domestic Service for a promot delivery. At very attractive rates.


For Single AWB Tracking